Lindz Ray

Hometown: Somewhere in SoIL

Nickname: My dad calls me sparky and my mom calls me little bit…

Favorite Rock 107 Music:  A Day to Remember, Blink 182, Beartooth.

Favorite Movies: Prestige, LOTR/Hobbit series, Aguirre, the Wrath of God, Sweeney Todd and Now You See Me.

Favorite TV Shows: The Following, The Middle, Haven, Psych and Monk

Favorite Actor: Charlie Tahan and Jamie Dornan

Favorite Actress: Anna Kendrick and Lana Turner

Favorite Foods: Crab, Tacos and Waffles.

Favorite Drink: Cran-apple Juice

Favorite Quote:  “She’s an enigma wrapped in a little blonde riddle.”

Favorite Sports Team: Baltimore Ravens

Favorite Artist/Group: Palaye Royale, City and Colour, Artic Monkeys, Ice Nine Kills, WCAR, Mayday Parade, Crown the Empire and the Audition.

What Song Describes You Best: AC/DC- Jailbreak

My Name If I Was Famous:  Probably Shadow. My parents originally wanted to name me that… I’m glad they went with Lindsey…

I Got Into Radio Because:  I’m just that awesome!

What Did I Do Before I Got Into Radio: Mortuary Science and Funeral Service… that’s what my college degree is in.

The Worst Job I Ever Had:  cleaning my closet….

If I Wasn’t Doing Radio…I’d Be:  Putting you in a coffin.  

My Most Prized Possession:  My cats and my gun that my grandpa bought for my birthday!!

What do you like to do in your spare time?: Listen to music, hangout with my  close friends and family, shooting with my grandpa and take naps with my cats…

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