Hometown: San Jose, California

Nickname: Sunshine

Favorite Rock Band: Metallica

Favorite Movies: Blood In Blood Out, Spaceballs, The Big Lebowski

Favorite TV Shows: Rick and Morty, Futurama, Red vs. Blue

Favorite Actor: Jay Mewes and Kevin Smith

Favorite Actress: Kristen Ritter

Favorite Foods: Anything Mexican

Favorite Drink: Rum and Coke

Favorite Quote:  No Shoes, No Shirt, No Paycheck!

Favorite Sports Team: San Francisco Giants and 49ers

Favorite Artist/Group: Pink Floyd

What Song Describes You Best: Time by Pink Floyd

My Name If I Was Famous: Why change an already awesome name

I Got Into Radio Because: I already talk about and listen to music all day, why not get paid to do it.

What Did I Do Before I Got Into Radio: Play-by-play commentator for professional video game tournaments.

The Worst Job I Ever Had:  Cold calling people for charitable donations.

If I Wasn’t Doing Radio…I’d Be: Pro wrestler

My Most Prized Possession:  My vinyl collection. I have over 250 albums ranging from Floyd, Rush, Willie Nelson, and even Thriller.

What do you like to do in your spare time?: Playing video games, anything like League of Legends, Grand Theft Auto, The Elder Scrolls, and World of Warcraft.

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